DNA JEWELS was the brain child of Mr. Anup Shah a Qualified Gemologist and Diamond Grader from G.I.I. (Gemological Institute of India).

DNA Jewels was born in 2001 as a Luxury Silver Jewellery brand from the house of D. K. Jewellers.

D.K. Jewellers are manufacturers and exporters of Diamond Jewellery since 1980 specialising in 18Kt Gold Studded Jewellery supplying mainly to Europe and United States. They entered the retail market in the year 1999.

Anup is a visionary, within a few months he realised that there was a huge gap between the Real Diamond Jewellery and the Imitation Jewellery that was being manufactured at the time. According to him, the general mindset seemed to be shifting. The common folk who believed that nothing could convince them to wear imitation jewellery, sought out options to ease their burning pockets. Anup understood and fulfilled their demands.

He created a line of affordable jewellery by specialising and creating beautifully handcrafted masterpieces in 22kt SILVER using Best Quality AMERICAN DIAMONDS AND SEMI PRECIOUS STONES.

Today DNA Jewels, is one of "THE LEADING SILVER JEWELLERY" Brand in India.